Small Business and Accounting Services

Tax Consultation & Preparation - We specialize in all of the taxes that affect your small business, such as income tax (sole proprietors, LLC’s, partnerships, S Corporations, Corporations), payroll tax, and sales tax.

Bookkeeping Services - We will perform monthly, quarterly, or annual reconciliations of your bank accounts, credit cards, and balance sheet accounts. We are also able assist you with preparing internal financial statements.

Personal Property Declaration - Our staff will be happy to help you complete your personal property declaration on an annual basis.

Business Advice - We can provide an in-depth analysis that factors in your present status as well as future goals in order to help you make fully informed business decisions. We are always here to answer questions and offer sound advice that gives your business a competitive edge. In addition, we can help with the setup of QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting systems. We will not only set them up but we will also help you to understand how the system relates to and will work with your business.

Tax Preparation ~ Small Business and Accounting Services

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You may be unfamiliar with the cost of engaging professional tax representation services. Our                                             of estimated fees provides guidance intended to assist you to make an informed decision. A menu of fees creates a structure that treats all clients alike for similar services. This schedule is a guideline. It is not a minimum or a maximum fee.


Assist in the following issues:

Marital property
Division of assets
Analysis and negotiation of the divorce settlement
Child support
Tax implications
Retirement accounts
Healthcare coverage
Financial planning going forward

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) is an expert on the immediate and long-term financial implications of divorce. 

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts carefully analyze the various assets involved in a divorce, and help their clients reach the best long-term settlements.

Tax Preparation

We provide an array of services that address the taxation needs of our clients. This includes timely filings as well as late filed returns and corrected returns, and assistance in determining how to best pay your liabilities. We pride ourselves on accuracy, timeliness, and sensitivity towards our clients.

The services we provide include: Tax Preparation

◾Federal Individual Tax Returns – Form 1040

◾State Individual Tax Returns 

◾Federal and State Amended Tax Returns

◾Late Filed – Federal and State tax returns

◾Estate and Trust Income Tax Returns

◾Partnership and Corporate Federal and State Income Tax Returns

◾Estimated Tax Payment Calculations

Other Tax Filings

◾Personal Property Declarations

◾Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Filings

◾Annual 1099 Filings

◾Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Sales Tax Filings